Check out the GW2 Tyria Guide, and start PWNING NOW!

These guides amount to something I have not really seen within a guide before. First off, the Leveling guide (which is more of a traits guide, the leveling guide is covered in the next section) is very in-depth and gives a detailed guide to traits and skills which is easy to follow.

Not even half, 1/7th. There is also a detailed Traits guide, which, based on your play-style gives you the traits you need. The Same goes for the Healing Slot Guide, Utility Slot Guide, and Elite Slot Guide,-They are all detailed and match your play-style.  Not to mention it Conveniently spaces out adding traits/skills each level benchmark, so you will never have to worry about what to add and when.

Lastly, there is sPvP Builds, which gives profession specific traits, healing/utility/elites slot guides-all geared toward Pwning in sPvP, no matter you class.

The Bad

Although the Tyria Guide does provide in-depth guides to everything within the game, It obviously cannot cover every build within the game. It only covers the best. So those who come in thinking that the GW2 Tyria guide will provide thousands of builds, it does not. But if you want a build added, pop a suggestion!

Other than that, nothing else to ask for from the profession guides.

The Leveling Guide

Now, to the famous part of every MMORPG guide out their- the all-so-famous leveling guides. This is where they make-it or break-it. ( I know, I’m cheesy).

The Good!

The Good thing is, it never misses a heart, has in-depth and detailed maps of waypoints, hearts, and routes to take, and got some awesome graphics which provide insight on where to be at what level.

Why is the leveling guide awesome? Well, it gives an explanation for everything when you need it, and when you don’t need it, don’t use it! The awesome thing about this guide is its ability to gauge how you want to play the game. If you want to speed-level to cap, go ahead. If you want to explore, go ahead! The sky is the limit!

The Bad

Not all the leveling guides are finished- So it is a work in progress. Although it is understandable because of the detail and depth of the leveling guides. Anyway, the leveling guides that are currently up, are awesome, and I definitely recommend them.

The Good

The Crafting Overview is exactly what it says, a crafting overview. It was definitely informative, but did not include any information I did not already know.

Moving on, the crafting maps include routes for crafting, and are definitely useful, especially when deciding on a route for leveling.  I found it specifically useful for professions such as jeweling, where a lot of mining reagents where in use.

Another great thing I loved about this guide was how specific it is. It has sections for every 25-50 levels, and exactly what to buy in order to level that crafting profession up. So, for example, for jewel working it would tell you to get 100 copper ore, 2 iron ore, ect.

The Bad

The lists may be confusing sometimes on what to buy, but you get used to it after a few times of using the guides. (EX: recipes or what to buy can be in a confusing order sometimes, not a biggie, just a very small inconvenience)