Changes that must be made

Tax the G.E. and lodestone system – both would provide a runescape money sink and the lodestone system would cause teletabs to rise back up again

Stop giving basics Adrenaline – This one is pretty obvious. Basics are the fastest way to gain adrenaline, so it’s the obvious thing to do. It takes away any skill the game would need and turns combat into a complete button mashing contest. I would personally prefer if basics drained adrenaline instead however. Credits to Colifin since this was originally his idea and he has made a few threads about this

Nerf ALL abilities – PvP fights don’t last very long due to abilities. This is just part of my solution to revive PvP.

Buff Autoattacks – with basics draining adrenaline, I think a buff to autoattacks would be crucial and make the fight more interesting as you actually watch the fight instead of watching your keyboard as to which button to mash next

Stop giving every piece of armor an HP bonus – This has angered countless people for devaluing the constitution level completely. I think that your hp should be your constitution level times 80 allowing for a max of 7920 hp. With a nerf to all abilities as well as taking out hp bonuses from all armor besides the player owned ports armor and nex sets, I think it would help revive PvP making it to the point where the first person to pull off a threshold doesn’t necessarily win.

Nerf stuns and buff freedom and anticipation – Stuns are simply way too overpowered. You should at least be able to eat, but not cast any abilities or attack while stunned. Also, reduce the cooldowns of freedom and anticipation.

Increase the cooldown on abilities – This would also help prevent button mashing. The cooldowns are way too small at the moment to the point where you always have an ability to mash and with basics giving 8% adrenaline, this can become a real problem, contributing largely to the fact that combat is now only a button mashing contest.