Arctic Combat Announced Open Beta Date with New Maps and Modes

The Open Beta of the Multiplayer Online FPS Arctic Combat for both Europe and America will begin on December 6th. The download will also be available through the Steam portal on December 6th. The good news here is that you can grab a open beta key in our MMOSITE Arctic Combat Open Beta Key Giveaway Event!

ac Arctic Combat Announced Open Beta Date with New Maps and Modes

With the Open Beta, WEBZEN adds 2 new maps Silo and Quarter Blow and weapons, along with the brand new game mode Annihilation. In this new mode, players begin matches unarmed and have to pick up weapons that are placed around the map in order to defeat their opponents. The beta test version of Arctic Combat includes a total of 8 game modes, 8 maps and 19 weapon variants. Players can join matches with up to 16 players.

“We are very excited about the official Open Beta and the launch on Steam”, says Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN. “We are planning to add a lot of great content in the upcoming months and will ramp up our eSports support for Europe and North America.” WEBZEN celebrates the Open Beta start with a number of in game events. One of these events is the “Roll Call” event: If players log into the game every day for the first week of the Open Beta, they will receive various cash items, including a beret, sunglasses, the “Enhance Health Pack Skill”, and AF/RSA Recon skins once the game launches officially.

ac Arctic Combat Announced Open Beta Date with New Maps and Modes

Additionally, via Steam, players will be able to purchase the Steam Starter Pack and Steam Ultimate Pack which contain essential weapons, and items.

Set amidst the chaos of World War III, Arctic Combat is a multiplayer online first-person shooter featuring a realistic gameplay experience and a tactical skill development system. The game revolves around the story of a national conflict between two groups; the Allied Forces – led by the United States, and the Red Star Alliance – led by Russia. What begins as a dispute over natural resources in the arctic leads to a violent clash between the AF and RSA, dividing the world into two opposing forces and marking the beginning of World War III. Don’t miss the opportunity to get into the world of Arctic Combat – go get your key now!