About runescape alpha

What is an alpha, and how is it different from a beta?

Typically, an alpha is a functionally complete build with placeholder graphics that misses non-core features and some content. This is essentially what we’re providing the interface system alpha: it works, but there’s still content to be added.

Why did you decide to release it as an alpha?

The new interface system is a big change to RuneScape gold, and it offers you more freedom to change the way you interact the game than ever before. With that in mind, we want to gather your feedback as early as possible, so we can shape it into a system that does what you want it to do effectively and efficiently. This update is all about usability and customisation to fit your play style, so it’s important that you’re involved early on.

What does and doesn’t work?

The core mechanics of the new system are in place, but they may not interact correctly with all content. For example, you’ll be able to fully customise your interfaces, but there may be some quests or minigames where the interface system isn’t completely compatible yet, making the content difficult or impossible to complete. When you encounter such issues, please do let us know.

Does this alpha work in the live game, like the HTML5 beta does?

No. It takes place in a separate testing environment into which you can import your live RuneScape character, in the same way that the Evolution of Combat beta worked last year. This means that any game progress in the alpha won’t carry over to your live character, but it also allows you to experiment with different setups without worrying that you’ll lose your valuable items.

I got into the HTML5 client beta, but I can’t log into the interface system alpha. Why’s that?

We selected a separate group of those who registered their interest for the alpha. We made these choices based on our needs for the alpha test, and being selected for the HTML5 client beta doesn’t necessarily mean you were chosen for the interface system alpha as well.

As with the HTML5 client beta, though, we’ll be expanding our group of participants as testing goes on, and we’ll be making the New Interface System available for all members to try out before release.

Will the new interface system go into beta before release?

Yes. Once we’ve made the new system interact with all the key game content and been able to implement your feedback, it will go into beta. We can’t say exactly when that will be or who will have access just yet. All members, will have the chance to try the new interface system before full release, though.

Will I be able to try the New Interface System in the HTML5 client? Yes. We’ll be making this available when we can. Will I ever be able to gain XP on the New Interface System Alpha? We’re looking into this at the moment. Some time soon, we’d like to add something in to reward players who take the time to participate in the alpha.