A new runescape god

The dragonkin are a good guess. I don’t believe we’ve met all of them in person, just three.

Umm…Gloughprie? Whatever person it was that used the (potentially elder) eastern horn to command sea creatures? Brassica Prime?

What about that mad wizard with his mad Thingummywut summoning powers? And the Thingummywut itself is the god, since we never see it.

I’m just tossing ideas at the wall to see what sticks.

So according to the most recent Podcast, at around 33:00, there is a character that –

Has partially ascended to Godhood.
We don’t know they have partially ascended to Godhood.
Is native to Gielinor.
We have seen, but not met, in a cutscene in current Quest content.

Anybody have any speculation as to who this can be? It’s not Sliske, because we have met him multiple times and he is native to Freneskae. It’s not Nomad because we meet him at Soul Wars before Nomad’s Requiem.

My best bet would be one of the Dragonkin seen in While Guthix Sleeps and Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and I believe they were created on Gielinor by Jas – they are also powerful beings who are obviously linked to the Stone of Jas, a powerful artifact able to make gods.. Any other possiblilties?

Um I’d think either Robert the Strong (if meeting him as Bob cat doesn’t count since he doesn’t remember who he is);

or that fremennik seer that has touched the Stone of Jas at wgs (Valkor or something like that?) to put the world into the fifth age